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Angel: No Limits (A Virtual Season)

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The Premise:

AtS has been saved. It's been moved over to Showtime, whose motto is "No Limits". The budget is bigger, there are no advertisers to appease, and the S&P division doesn't worry about petty little issues like sex or swearing.

However, there are still restrictions. For example that rabid fanbase which will raise Holy Hell if their favorite show changes too much because of its new format.

Joss is busy working on Serenity, which leaves season six with its own version of Jeff Bell to get it off the ground. Before he left, though, Joss provided a list of things the show had to do: conform to the storytelling style established by the previous seasons, deal with the aftermath of the s5 finale, explore the new boundaries without alienating the fans and - oh yeah - stop pretending that the slashy subtext isn't canon.

Can it be done? There's only one way to find out....


This is the main community for the AtS: No Limits virtual season. It will be used for announcements, calls for help, and for the actual posting of the season once it gets started. It is a moderated community, so the only posts will be related directly to AtS: No Limits. (In other words your friends list won't be spammed if you join.)

For discussion and feedback, see nolimits_squee, which is an open community.

NOTE: The rating for this season will never be higher than an R.

This season is slash-friendly. This doesn't mean that suddenly all the characters will turn gay - that's implausible and not true to the show's history. But it will mean that same-sex pairings will get a chance to happen if that is what makes for a good story.

For more information on what you need to know, read this post.