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Status update

Hi all,

Due to health reasons, I'm forced to admit I do not know when, or if, NL is going to be updated again. There are a lot of things that were planned - another season or maybe movies, plus DVD extras for s6 - but it takes a lot of time and energy to make those happen and unfortunately right now I have neither.

Many thanks to everyone who supported s6 and who waited so patiently with the hopes of there being an s7. Also my apologies that my control freak nature meant it took this long for me to admit that it might not be happening.

ETA: Also, mega, MEGA thanks to the whole NL team for all their hard work and making s6 happen. As always if it rocked it's thanks to them, and the parts that sucked were totally my fault. ;)
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The final two episodes of No Limits!

As you might have noticed, we're a bit behind in our posting schedule due to some RL demands that have cropped up behind the scenes. Never fear! We're still working away and shall be posting the final two episodes of our virtual season six in November. Whew!

Thanks for sticking with us and understanding that although the season is a labor of love we still have to squeeze it into our lives around everything else. :)